Interviews & Guest Posts

Interview with Beautifully Bookish Bethany

World Building with WordNerds

Author spotlight on Fantasy Hive

Writer’s Digest New Agent Spotlight

Podcast Interview with Sci-Fi Talk about THE TESLA LEGACY

Agent Spotlight Interview with Literary Rambles

Interview with The Nerd Daily about THE TESLA LEGACY

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me for Female First

Guest Post for Sci-Fi Now: On Becoming a Lioness 

Guest Post for SheWrites: “The Lady of Shalott” and the Writer vs. the Author

Podcast Interview with Genre Junkies about THE TESLA LEGACY

My Favourite YA Girls with Superpowers guest post for the TorTeen blog

Podcast Interview with my alma mater, The Trinity School about SWEET BLACK WAVES and THE TESLA LEGACY

Interview with BookRiot about SWEET BLACK WAVES

Interview with TeenReads about SWEET BLACK WAVES

Find out what the characters from SWEET BLACK WAVES watch on Netflix with the Read It and Weep Girls!

Interview about SWEET BLACK WAVES on Breaking the Glass Slipper

Interview about SWEET BLACK WAVES on the Fierce Reads blog

Check out my contribution to BN Teen Blog’s 17 Fantasy Authors on the Fantasy Novels that Inspire Them

Q&A with She Writes about SWEET BLACK WAVES

Q&A about SWEET BLACK WAVES on Once Upon a Bookcase

Sisters Who Changed the World – Essay for GERM Magazine

From Goddess to Saint – Guest Post for Pop! Goes the Reader

Interview at A New Look on Books about SWEET BLACK WAVES

Guest Post for YA Interrobang about SWEET BLACK WAVES

Interview about SWEET BLACK WAVES with Literary Rambles

Interview at The Debutante Ball about SWEET BLACK WAVES

World Building, On and Off the Map – guest post for Adventures in YA Publishing

Interview for #OurVoces, Hispanic Heritage Month

Interview by PitchAmÉrica

Interview on THE MYTH OF MORGAN LA FEY with the Journalism & Media Studies Center at the University of Hong Kong

5 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Morgan La Fey, a guest post for Madwoman with a Writing Box blog

Interview by the DiversifyYA Project

Guest post for Alice Kuipers, YA author: Villain or Hero? What Morgan la Fey Can Teach Us About Characterization

Interview on A Hedonist’s Guide to Beijing with the Journalism & Media Studies Center at the University of Hong Kong

Interview with City Weekend Beijing Magazine

Featured on YA Interrobang by Katya de Becerra: How do bilingual authors choose to write their stories?

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