Kristina Pérez’s playful and wide-ranging study charts the evolving role of King Arthur’s sister from her Celtic roots to the present day…her broad chronological scope makes possible many illuminating connections between medieval and modern Morgans, offering a fresh appreciation of her ambivalent, but always central, role in the Arthurian legend. - Times Literary Supplement

The Myth of Morgan La Fey


The sister of King Arthur goes by many names: sorceress, kingmaker, death-wielder, mother, lover, goddess. The Myth of Morgan la Fey reveals her true identity through a comprehensive investigation of the famed enchantress’ evolution–or devolution–over the past millennium and its implications for gender relations today. While Western culture consistently seeks to control female sexuality by categorizing a woman’s identity into either a mother or a lover, i.e. a Madonna or a whore, Morgan offers a unique duality, a refusal to let her identity be fractured. Here, Kristina Pérez makes the connection between the tension between those two roles and Morgan la Fey’s descent within Arthurian legend from goddess to witch.


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